What do you do once you’ve made the leap into Entrepreneurialism?

First off, that’s awesome! Congratulations on the new venture. Buckle up for the ride, lol.

Hopefully you have given some deep thought into your specialty and have found a support system and mentor to help you through your journey. As we mention in our last post a mentor is essential and one in the same industry would be even more beneficial, so make sure to find someone.

Alright so the journey begins, you have your business plan in place the proper licensing in place and your off to the races!

Assuming you’re a master of your craft, or well on the way to becoming one. Your clients should be happy with your work and will likely refer you over to a friend if the need ever arises. But, you cannot sit around and wait for work to come to you, you should be everywhere at once so when anyone is looking for service in your specialty, they find you.  This may seem daunting but below are a few marketing tips that can help drive business.

A little disclaimer, these tips were brought to us by a service based plumbing company, and pertain mostly to a service business. If you are launching a new product or have a retail type business, some of the same concepts apply so read on and pick up what’s useful.

  1. Industry Partners- Make sure to build good relationships with partners in your industry. As an example, we built partnerships with a disaster restoration companies, as their local plumber of choice. Most industries are supported by others, think about what that might be for yours and stop by and shake the hand of every local business owner you can find.
  2. Local Chamber- Every city has a Chamber of Commerce, go join! We have joined not only our local chamber but Boise as well. Being a larger city which neighbors ours. Chamber memberships can help with the above, as most business owners are members so great for making those contacts. Also the network you’ll build with other members is invaluable. When they need, a service provided they always try to use a member.
  3. Marketing Budget- Set a budget in every avenue of your marketing. You may want to market in the phone book, depending on your location and service. Most likely you’ll want an online presence of some sort or another. Maybe run a radio commercial or even a TV spot. This all adds up and is very expensive. Test the waters and see where the best ROI comes from. If you’re getting a positive ROI stick with it maybe make a minor adjustment but positive is good! Some of these methods can take time to see the results so do your research and talk with an industry professional to help you understand exactly what to expect with their service.

These are just a couple quick things to help you get on your way. We want to thank R.K. for sending those tips in to us the other day. If you ever need plumbing Boise, ID call these guys, Plumbing Solutions of Idaho.

Entrepreneurialism, is a very fun adventure and one that best be taught through living in it. However, I hope some of the things we’ve brought up in this blog will help you get going and become a successful entrepreneur.

If you have some areas of interest or suggested blog topics feel free to send them in with a comment.

Thanks again!